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Of great importance in relation to food are contained in the meat extractives (creatine, carnosine, purine bases, etc.), Which when cooked meat go into the broth and give the specific taste of the broth. Training without usage of steroids for sale is possible. These substances are potent activators of gastric secretion, which is why the strong meat broths used in the diet of people with reduced appetite.

Pork contains less connective tissue than beef, which makes it very soft and delicate flavor. According varieties divided into pork bacon, meat and fat; the latter contains up to 50% fat and 12% total protein. The better nutrition of athletes use pork meat, containing an average of 14% protein and 33% fat. It is important to bear in mind that pork tenderloin contains 19% protein and 7% fat, and breast - respectively 8% and 63%.

Lamb compared with beef contains more connective tissue, so it is more rigid. Usually, athlete needed anabolic steroids before important competition. The chemical composition of lamb Category 2 corresponds approximately to the beef in the same category. However, slightly less mutton potassium salts, phosphorus, and iron.

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Konina second category complete proteins rich (21%), salts of potassium, iron, while it contains relatively little fat (4%). The biological value of horse meat proteins are not inferior to beef proteins. Rabbit - fine dietary product, wherein a high protein content (21%), iron, vitamins of group B. It contains sufficient potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and other minerals.We bring you legal anabolic steroids at low price!

By-products are particularly valuable for power athletes. Many of them are characterized by a high content of minerals, especially iron, vitamins, and therefore recommended for persons with a lag of body weight, anemia. The liver is particularly rich in iron, vitamins A and B complex; Unlike other meat products it contains a large amount of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Language is a dietary product. It contains little connective tissue that provides its high digestibility. The heart is rich in minerals, including iron, has a low percentage of fat, enough protein. Brains contain less protein (12%) and quite a lot of fat (8.6%), but they contain valuable compounds rich in phosphorus and essential unsaturated fatty acids, which significantly increases their bioavailability. Especially rich in iron lung (10%), but the rest of the nutritional value of this product is insignificant.

Sausage products are mainly made from beef and pork. Many of them are products of high fat; the amount of fat in these ranges from 13.5% (dietetic sausage) to 40% or more (different types of smoked sausages and smoked floor). Today, majority of anabolic steroids ordered at web stores. The latter, especially with high fat content, not recommended for use in sports nutrition. Frankfurters and wieners sausages differ from a more delicate texture and lack of bacon. For the preparation of sausages and wieners premium use meat (beef, pork) young animals, which can be easily digested and absorbed, so this kind of meat rather than sausages.

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Along with a wide range of sausage meat industry produces pork products (ham, bacon, pork loin, ham, etc.). They differ, as a rule, very high fat content (50-60%) and is therefore not recommended for systematic use.

Hard decision to began training without of steroids for sale. Canned meat , especially pork, also have a high fat content. Food and biological value of less than dishes from fresh meat, as in the preparation of canned often used such processing methods as long cooking at a high temperature autoclaving and OE Many canned foods are made with lower grades of meat, so they often contain significant the amount of connective tissue fibers. Vitamins in the canned meat is less than fresh foods. However, in the absence of natural meat cans can be used in food, mainly for first and second courses. At the use of canned meat is necessary to pay special attention to the terms of their manufacture and use of products with expired shelf life.

Meat chickens and broiler chickens contain more complete and better digestible protein than beef. Anabolic steroids also known as athletes best friends. Chicken proteins have an optimum set of essential amino acids. The amount of fat in chicken meat and chicken is quite large (on average - 16-18%), but this fat is easily digested because it involves a certain amount of unsaturated fatty acids and has a relatively low melting point. Chicken meat contains the required set of minerals and vitamins. Extractives give it a pleasant smell and taste.

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